Education Strategies

Education Program Strategies

We work across New England to help more young people succeed.

Three core strategies anchor our work:

Our Strategies

1. Catalyze new models.

Fuel fresh designs that fit local contexts and transform the high school experience, to put success within reach of all students.
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2. Build public will.

Engage parents and students, educators and civic leaders, and all residents as informed advocates for high-quality schools.

3. Invest in educators.

Develop the pipeline of diverse, skilled, effective teachers and school leaders who bring new educational models to life for their students.

Our Approach

Barr views collaboration as critical. We take a flexible approach to advance our strategies, supporting partners as they:

  • Pilot Ideas.

    We provide risk capital and technical support that educational innovators need to plan, implement, and measure the success of promising ideas that can improve outcomes for young people and communities.

  • Scale Success.

    We foster the expansion or replication of models that have demonstrated a positive impact on student engagement, learning, and outcomes across entire schools, districts, or regions.

  • Inform Change.

    We sponsor research and evaluation, and share insights to guide policymakers, equip practitioners, and help funders committed to elevating outcomes for students—especially those not well served by traditional high schools.

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Education Program Inquiries

For those who feel their work may align with Barr’s priorities and who wish to introduce themselves to us, the best approach is to email Please include a brief description (we suggest 300–400 words) of your organization and the funding opportunity you would like us to consider. We review and respond to all inquiries.

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