Our goal is to advance greater success for all students.

New England’s secondary schools have done a good job for many students, but we can do a great job for all.

Too many New England students need remediation in college despite receiving a high school diploma. Others find it hard to connect to meaningful post-graduation opportunities. Schools must change because the world students live in has changed and so have the knowledge and skills necessary for success in life.

The Barr Foundation partners with others to rethink secondary education and build a variety of new school models that fit the needs and strengths of their own community to bring greater success to all students.

Rather than focus on one approach, we encourage many that are intentionally designed to engage students through their interests and empower them with content knowledge, successful habits, creative know-how, and navigation abilities—the integrated knowledge and skills all young people need to connect with success in college, career, and community.

Our Regional Program Strategies

Advancing Greater Success For All Students

These strategies aim to nurture the development and expansion of new secondary school models in New England.

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Engage New England: Doing High School Differently

The Barr Foundation Education Program’s first initiative is a $30-million, five-year investment to build innovative school models for students who are currently off track to graduate.

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New Classrooms

How can classrooms best serve students who each learn at their own pace, in their own way?

Across the country, districts and schools are adopting new approaches to teaching that recognize that students learn in different ways and that foster high expectations for all students. Teach to One: Math, a personalized instructional model developed by New Classrooms, offers one novel approach to tailoring students’ educational experiences within the classroom.

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Our Commitment to Boston

Expanding Access to K–12 Quality in Boston

Barr has a deep and longstanding commitment to the City of Boston and its students and families. Ensuring student access to high quality public schools and seats across Boston’s K–12 spectrum is an important priority within our home community.

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