A large offshore deep water wind project is built.

Alex Papali

Green Justice Organizer, Clean Water Action

Alex has lived in the Boston area 30 years, organizing locally since high school. His areas of focus have ranged from prison issues to immigrant rights to tenant organizing–with the common goal of addressing structural causes of injustice and obstacles to sustainability.

At Clean Water, Alex works towards 'energy democracy' with the Green Justice Campaign: fair access to the benefits of energy efficiency, clean local energy through "community microgrids," and a robust green economy for all through the collective efforts of more than 40 community, labor and environmental groups statewide. He is assisting the development of a grassroots energy group in the Worcester area, with a focus on building clean distributed energy resources that serve linguistically diverse low-income communities.

He also helps coordinate the Boston Recycling Coalition, aiming to grow a world-class Zero Waste system in Boston that captures untapped economic potential and eliminates toxics and climate pollution by reimagining how we produce, consume and dispose of everything we use.

A perpetual student at the University of Life, he is actively plotting his next adventure off the grid.

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