Clean Energy Strategies

Clean Energy Strategies

Our goal is to reduce the energy sector’s emissions by building the path to a clean, efficient, and modern energy system.

Scale Clean. Scale Smart

Scaling clean and scaling smart for a U.S. Northeast powered by clean energy.

To realize a region powered by clean energy will require radical reinvention of energy systems across the Northeast. Our efforts to catalyze dramatic, transformative change in energy generation and use across the region are aligned under the following two strategies:

1. Accelerate the expansion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Northeast.

Scale Clean.


  • Sustain the leadership of the region on climate action.
  • Advance renewable energy deployment across the region.
  • Accelerate uptake and innovation in comprehensive energy efficiency.
  • Strengthen the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
  • Foster the creation of a modernized electric grid that encourages local, resilient, renewable energy, greater energy efficiency, and customer control over energy use.

2. Promote sharing of effective clean energy practices, policies, and communication strategies across the U.S. and globally.

Scale Smart


  • Foster peer-to-peer networks of city and state officials, advocates, or others engaged in advancing clean energy to share what’s working and what isn’t, and to scale effective solutions.
  • Advance effective communications about the urgency and opportunities for clean energy.

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Climate Program Grantmaking Process and Inquiries

Grants awarded by the Barr Foundation originate in different ways. The majority are initiated by our staff. Additionally, given the value we place on long-term partnerships, many grants are renewals for current grantees.

However, we welcome inquiries from those who feel their work may align with Barr’s priorities and who wish to introduce themselves to us. The best approach is to send a brief description (we suggest 300–400 words) of your organization and the funding opportunity you would like us to consider to While we commit to reviewing all inquiries, given the high volume we receive and a relatively small staff, we reply only to those we intend to explore further.

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Striving for Transformation in our Energy Sector

Learn more about the ideas and trends that informed these new strategies.