Smarter travel and smarter places.

Better transportation makes everything better. Let’s transform transportation so that it works for the lives we live now.

People of Massachusetts are full of promise and ambition. And our state is full of great places to live, work, and play. But getting there from here can be a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be this way. We deserve a transportation system that is modern, comfortable, and convenient, and that meets our needs today. We can transform our transportation system and build our communities in ways that work for all of us and that protect our environment. Getting around Massachusetts should be a bright spot in our day, instead of a pain point. It’s our move, Massachusetts.

Mobility Strategies

Smarter Travel. Smarter Places.

In Massachusetts, transportation is the #1 contributor to climate change. We also rank #45 for the quality of our transportation system. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is our move to transform how we travel and how we build our communities. That’s why Barr’s Mobility portfolio focuses on:

Smarter travel. Smarter places.

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Mary Skelton Roberts on Mobility and Quality of Life

"How can we begin to create the kinds of environments where people are happier and we're not degrading our climate?"

Go Boston 2030

Go Boston 2030 envisions a city in a region where all residents have better and more equitable travel choices, where efficient transportation networks foster economic opportunity, and where the City has taken steps to prepare for climate change. This initiative is a result of suggestions from thousands of residents, setting a new norm for public engagement in long-term planning processes.

Go Boston 2030

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