Advance equity-centered, low carbon mobility solutions.

In Massachusetts, transportation is the leading cause of climate change. Over 40% of the state's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from how much we drive and move, which is impacted by how we build our communities.

What's more, exclusionary practices like redlining and disinvestment in public transit have not only deepened inequities for indigenous, Black and other people of color, women and non-binary people, and many others; they have made GHG emissions worse. When people have to live far from the important places in their lives, most depend on transportation that is expensive and unreliable.

We believe that communities know best what they need. Those who have been most harmed by poor transportation and land use policies are integral to the process of developing more equitable and sustainable communities. That's why we are committed to engaging coalitions with deep community roots in planning and implementing mobility solutions.

We focus on reducing transportation-related GHG emissions in Massachusetts by supporting: the transformation of our transportation system to low-carbon; and community planning and development practices that make it easy for people to get to and from the places they need to go.

Our work is rooted in partnerships with a diverse set of community-based organizations, advocates, municipal and state agencies, researchers, the business community, and others involved in design, planning, policy development, and implementation.

Grantmaking Priorities

We support policies and programs that equitably advance low carbon modes of transportation and communities that enable people to access what they need.


  • Community-driven solutions that lower greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and land-use
  • Capacity building and leadership of state and municipal government bodies engaged in transportation, land use, and planning
  • Cross-sector partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders working on transportation, land use, community planning, and related issues

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