Reduce transportation-related emissions.

In Massachusetts, transportation is the top contributor to climate change.

Massachusetts is full of great places to live, work and play, and amazing things to see and do. But getting there from here is harder than it needs to be and that is holding us back. Whether we’re stuck in traffic, waiting on the platform, crawling along in over-crowded buses, or just stuck without good options – our transportation system is a barrier for people to achieve their full potential. It keeps us from getting where we need to go and being with the people we care about most.

Everyone, in every part of Massachusetts, should be able to step out their door and have good options for how to get wherever they need to. From the first shift to the late shift, from Pittsfield to Provincetown and every place in between, people deserve affordable, reliable, efficient, safe – even fun and healthy ways to travel. We want transportation options built for this century that meet peoples’ needs today.

Better transportation is essential to expand access to economic opportunities and improve the air we breathe. We don’t need to settle for the status quo. And we won’t. It’s our move.

Grantmaking Priorities

Goal: Reduce transportation-related emissions by modernizing our transportation system and accelerating the development of low-carbon communities.


  • Build a diverse constituency to advocate for low-carbon transportation and land-use policies.
  • Promote a positive narrative of a seamless, 21st century transportation system.
  • Strengthen transportation, planning, and development capacity.
  • Support pilots and demonstration projects.

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