Support communities to prepare and adapt to climate change.

Adam Glanzman

Climate resilient communities protect and work for all people.

To adapt and withstand the impacts of climate change, neighbors, businesses, nonprofits, and governments must work together to design and implement community-led, equitable solutions that strengthen both physical and social infrastructure.

Sea-level rise, heat waves, and increased precipitation will profoundly impact people in our region, physical assets, our economy, and our way of life. Climate change also worsens social and health inequities, making it even more challenging for communities to effectively prepare, adapt, or recover from negative climate impacts.

Barr seeks to catalyze actions and policies that make communities more resilient and equitable. In addition to supporting efforts focused exclusively on resilience, we welcome opportunities that also further our goals related to Clean Energy, Mobility, and Boston Waterfront.

Grantmaking Priorities

Goal: Increase capacity in Massachusetts to prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change.


  • Build awareness and mobilize a diverse constituency for action on climate risks, impacts, and resilience strategies.
  • Mobilize key stakeholders to advance equitable policies and resilience plans.
  • Catalyze momentum through demonstration projects that integrate resilience into the fabric of cities.

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