Transform the Northeast energy system by accelerating the shift to equitable, clean, efficient energy.

To meet our ambitious climate goals, we must accelerate the shift to a low-carbon energy infrastructure.

The U.S. Northeast is at an energy crossroads. Successful efforts to phase out the dirtiest fuels, promote energy efficiency, and regulate carbon have put this region at the forefront of a global response to climate change. However, to achieve the necessary emissions reductions —80% by 2050—will require a concerted push to deploy cleaner energy sources and achieve deeper efficiencies.

Toward that end, Barr seeks to accelerate the transformation of the Northeast energy system to equitable, clean, efficient energy. By that, we mean accelerating a massive scale-up of renewables and energy efficiency across the Northeast; promoting efforts to make the grid smarter to enable that scaling up; and supporting learning networks that help cities and states get smarter about the most effective strategies from around the world. To realize a region powered by clean energy will require radical reinvention of energy systems across the Northeast. This is both ambitious and necessary.

Grantmaking Priorities

Goal: Accelerate the expansion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Northeast, the phasing out of natural gas, and modernizing the electric grid to use more clean energy and give people more control over their energy.


  • Build a diverse constituency for clean energy.
  • Mobilize key stakeholders to advocate for equitable state and regional clean energy policies and programs.
  • Promote a narrative connecting the benefits of clean energy to public health and resilience.
  • Support research, analysis, and demonstration projects that can enhance policy decisions.

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