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New Poll Seeks Ideas About Public High Schools in New England

To understand opportunities and challenges in schools and communities, perspectives from students, parents, teachers, and principals are essential.

Barr’s Education Program is rooted in the belief that all students can graduate high school fully prepared for whatever comes next. For all high schools in New England to make that vision a reality requires careful listening to those who know our schools best – students, teachers, principals, and parents.

This is why Barr recently partnered with Beacon Research, a Boston-based market and opinion research firm. We wanted to build understanding of how high school parents, students, teachers and principals across New England feel about their schools, and their ideas and priorities for improving them. After conducting a series of interviews and focus groups, Beacon Research developed a poll that is being administered this spring and summer. We will make the results publicly available in the fall, so they can be a resource to others in the field. We will also use the findings to inform Barr’s education work.

We look forward to hearing these incredibly important perspectives. And we offer our thanks to all participants for their time and engagement. Surveys of students and parents were distributed via phone and web and have been completed. Surveys of teachers and principals are now open. If you are a New England high school teacher, or principal, please consider completing the survey by clicking the appropriate button below. And please share it with others in your network.

Survey Link for Teachers

Survey Link for Principals

About the Barr Foundation’s Education Program

The Barr Foundation’s Education Program is committed to rigorous, personalized education so that all young people have real opportunities to thrive. We focus on the high school years and do work across three strategies:

  • Catalyze New Models: Fuel fresh designs that fit local contexts and transform the high school experience, to put success within reach of all students.
  • Build Public Will: Engage parents, students, educators, civic leaders, and all residents, as informed advocates for high-quality schools.
  • Invest in Educators: Develop the pipeline of diverse, skilled, effective teachers and school leaders who bring new educational models to life for their students.

To learn more about Barr’s education program, visit our Education page.

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Kate Dobin

Senior Program Officer, Education