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Prerna Sekhri

Manager of Program Operations

Prerna Sekhri serves as the Manager of Program Operations, responsible for the systems and processes that determine the experience of working at, and with Barr. Her work supports all the different program teams at Barr, and through them, Barr’s partners.

Prerna joined Barr in 2018 after finishing up her MBA and MS in Human-Centered Design at MIT. Prior to graduate school, she worked as a product and marketing manager for a communications tech startup in San Francisco, and as a management consultant to city, state, and federal government agencies in India. She has a BA from Yale University in Economics and Political Science.

Prerna feels lucky to be part of Barr as she’s passionate about sustainability, public service, and the arts. She was the conference director for MIT’s arts festival, Hacking Arts, and also helped organize MIT’s social impact and innovation competition, IDEAS Global Challenge.