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Meredith Hatfield

Former Program Officer, Clean Energy, Barr Foundation

Meredith Hatfield joined Barr in 2016 and, until 2018, served as clean energy program officer for Climate. She came to Barr with a wide range of clean energy policy and programmatic experience, including directing state agencies, advising governors and legislators, and overseeing federally-funded energy programs.

Prior to joining Barr, Meredith led the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning, and previously served as the State’s Consumer Advocate, representing residential utility customers in legal and policy matters. She served as a program director at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, managing a smart growth and transportation project. She has partnered extensively with energy stakeholders to advance energy efficiency and clean energy outcomes, including utilities, environmental groups, and low-income advocates. She also practiced energy and environmental law and served as a research and writing instructor at Vermont Law School.

Meredith received her associate’s degree in animal science from the University of New Hampshire, her bachelor’s degree in political science from Wellesley College, and her master’s in environmental law and policy and juris doctor from Vermont Law School.

Meredith was honored with a 2017 New England Women in Energy and the Environment Achievement Award for her work on clean energy issues in New Hampshire. She loves the outdoors and is enjoying her car-free commute.

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