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Lydia Lowe

Executive Director, Chinese Progressive Association

For more than twenty-five years, Lydia Lowe has been part of building the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), a grassroots organization that works for full equality and empowerment of the Chinese community in Greater Boston and beyond. CPA works to raise the living and working standards of Chinese Americans and to involve ordinary community members in decision-making. During her tenure, Lydia has co-founded CPA’s Workers Center for immigrant workers to organize for their rights, secured bilingual job training for displaced garment and electronic workers, helped tenants preserve more than a thousand units of affordable housing, and secured bilingual ballots for Chinese and Vietnamese speaking voters in the City of Boston.

Lydia is a founding member of the Chinatown Master Plan Committee, the Immigrant Worker Center Collaborative, and Right to the City Boston. She also currently supports an effort to build a Chinatown Community Land Trust.