People celebrate outside and make art at a block party.

Jules Faña

Communications Coordinator

Jules Faña joined Barr in 2021 as the Communications Coordinator, with a primary focus in visual story-telling and expertise in digital media design. Jules has a diverse background within design. Prior to working at Barr, she gained experience working in interior design, the jewelry industry, and as a freelancer utilizing her skills in social media content creation, graphic design, and branding design.

She attended Rhode Island School of Design where she developed her skills for graphic design. She continues to learn and utilize her knowledge to contribute to her collaborative work that provides safe spaces and resources to the QTBIPOC community within Providence. She looks forward to being a contributing member of the Barr Foundation with their continued work within the Greater Boston area.

Jules is passionate about her photography, working as a jewelry studio assistant to a small local business, and staying curious about life.