2015 Barr Fellows group 3

Diana Lam

Founder & Board Chair,, Margarita Muñiz Academy

Diana Lam retired in 2017 after 48 years of service to public school students. When recognized as a Barr Fellow in 2015, Diana was head of school of the Conservatory Lab Charter School, the only music-infused public elementary school in Massachusetts and, as initiated by Diana, the first public school in America to serve as a site for the El Sistema-inspired music education and youth development model during the school day.

While working at Conservatory Lab Charter School she was on the Board of the Boston Compact, a collaborative effort among district, charter and parochial schools. Before working in the charter school sector, she served as vice-president for Global Education and Community Outreach at Christel House International, working with schools in South Africa, India, Mexico and Venezuela. She was appointed deputy chancellor in New York City and has been a superintendent in various school districts. When she arrived in San Antonio, TX, half the schools were identified as “low performing” and 5 years later there were none. Presently she is a member of the ELL Task Force in the Boston Public Schools and sits on the board of Squashbusters.