Targeted, time-limited support beyond our core programs.

Read about our goals, grantmaking, and other activates related to current and past special initiatives.

The majority of Barr’s grantmaking extends from the Foundation’s core program strategies. Yet, from time to time we initiate additional work consistent with our mission of service and commitment to the long-term strength, vitality, and resilience of our region. Special initiatives typically support targeted, time-limited efforts, and there is no formal inquiry process for this category of Barr’s funding.



Promoting a Great Public Realm along Boston’s Waterfront

This Special Initiative aims to help realize a great public realm throughout Boston’s waterfront.

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Strengthening Civil Liberties and Democracy

This special initiative has two goals: 1) to support frontline organizations working with vulnerable communities, promoting human rights, and protecting civil liberties in Massachusetts, and; 2) to strengthen and sustain journalism in the United States as an essential part of democracy.

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