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Technical Assistance - Shared Streets and Spaces Grant Program

We're proud to partner with MassDOT to support communities in rapidly transforming their streets with responsible public health practices.

We're partnering with MassDOT to provide technical assistance support to cities and towns interested in rapidly transforming their streets to facilitate responsible public health practices as part of the Shared Streets and Space program. Barr’s funding is supporting technical assistance providers to support municipalities in developing their applications.

We encourage municipalities to directly contact the service providers, listed below.

Design and Application Assistance

Technical assistance includes development of conceptual and/or quick-build design, including safety and accessibility considerations, application support, and planning-level cost estimating.

Margaret Kent - mkent@kittelson.com, 617-377-4005
Juliet Walker - jwalker@kittelson.com, 617-377-4013

Ralph DeNisco - Ralph.DeNisco@stantec.com, 617-654-6089
Jason Schrieber - Jason.Schrieber@stantec.com, 617-654-6093

Toole Design Group:
Jason DeGray - jdegray@tooledesign.com, 617-619-9910 x217
Lydia Hausle - lhausle@tooledesign.com, 617-619-9910 x221