Girls dance in traditional dress on a stage.

Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts

Supporting the success of refugee populations, sharing cultural traditions, and providing youth with opportunities to channel their activism and express their aspirations.

Photo credit: Mohan Sunuwar

Located in Worcester, the Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts (SEACMA) supports, promotes, and advocates for the Southeast Asian and other refugee populations of Central Massachusetts. SEACMA supports these diverse individuals, families, and elders to thrive and become advocates and contributing citizens to the greater community, while preserving their unique cultural heritage. As a cultural steward, SEACMA is an essential part of Worcester's thriving and complex urban environment and proactively takes leadership in leveraging its values-driven influence and cultural expertise to advance social justice, equity, and understanding beyond outside their walls. Under Anh Vu Sawyer, Executive Director, SEACMA is a unique organization which is a regional and national leader in shaping the American narrative through the immigrant, refugee, and Asian Pacific American experience.