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Seeking Media Relations Partner

To support transportation, land use, and community-rooted nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts

The Barr Foundation is seeking a communications partner to design and deliver a one-year media relations support pilot program for its Mobility grantees.

Central to the effectiveness of the Mobility's community-driven and cross-sector partnership strategy are strategic communications that help build trust and strong relationships, shift narratives, change policy, and inspire collective action. As such, the Mobility team looks to support and strengthen the communications capacity and efforts of their grantees.

Project Overview

Specific media relations support should include, but not be limited to, messaging development, media training, media list building, media outreach, preparing media pitches, writing press releases and op-eds, and guidance on social media amplification.


We will launch this program in January 2024.


We have allocated a budget of $125,000 for the first year of this project. However, we welcome discussions of options at higher and lower price ranges, which would allow us to understand potential tradeoffs and to gauge how potential partners push our thinking about the optimal solution.

Success Metrics

  • Press coverage featuring Mobility grantees and constituents, especially people who have been most harmed by unjust transportation and land use policies
  • Number of stories
  • Depth of coverage (i.e., coverage beyond media mentions that positions grantees and their constituents as experts, coverage that drives toward desired program outcomes of a low-carbon transportation system and community development practices that enable people to get to what they need by using low-carbon modes)
  • Diversity of media outlets (e.g., language, geography, and reach) and modes (e.g., print, audio, video)
  • Mobility grantee experience and capacity building evidenced through survey feedback

Key RFP Deadlines

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