Girl looking at museum exhibit in awe

Institute of Contemporary Art

Boston, Massachusetts

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is a leading museum destination for discovering the art and artists of our time. The ICA strives to share the pleasures of reflection, inspiration, provocation, and imagination that contemporary art offers through public access to art, artists, and the creative process. An ArtsAmplified grant of $900,000 will help the ICA realize its strategic priorities: expanding and amplifying the museum’s position as a center for contemporary art and civic life. The ICA will direct initiative funds toward production and staffing for collaborations and commissions, as well as interdisciplinary, artistic, and education programs. As the museum prepares to open the ICA Watershed, a seasonal venue for art in a former industrial space across the harbor in East Boston, initiative funds will also support market research to better understand current and potential audiences.

“We look at issues of art, beauty, and justice and try to bring them together to make a difference. The issues of the day run through our museum. It’s a great challenge and a great opportunity.” –Jill Medvedow, Ellen Matilda Poss Director