Young women smile at a scholarship reception.

Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Worcester, Massachusetts

Founded in 1975, the Greater Worcester Community Foundation's (GWCF) mission is “to enhance our community, now and in the future, through philanthropic leadership.” Its strategic priorities include: 1) improving access to community resources for those who have been traditionally excluded; 2) building upon the assets of a diverse community to address injustice, welcome newcomers, promote inclusion, and incorporate the views of those who are intended to benefit from programs; 3) fostering dynamic collaborations among nonprofits and across sectors; and 4) adopting efforts that are based on proven evidence, for both “tried and true” and more innovative approaches.

With a $500,000 Creative Commonwealth grant, GWCF will pilot the Creative Arts Grant and Community Convening Initiative in 2018 and 2019. GWCF's goal is to build a vibrant arts ecosystem in Worcester that engages the City's diverse communities with increased opportunities for arts and cultural organization and for arts leadership convenings in the City of Worcester. Initiative activities will include grants programs to deepen community engagement, grow leadership, and amplify diverse cultural organizations, and regular convenings to explore and develop new cross-sector partnerships, building on existing community assets.

"Through our participation in the Creative Commonwealth Initiative, we look to support and elevate the creative community of Worcester—propelling Worcester's 'cultural renaissance' by energizing dynamic cultural institutions, empowering innovative creatives, and engaging with community leaders." –Ann Lisi, President & CEO

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation seeks to engage Worcester County in its own betterment, by embracing diverse sectors united in their vision of a better Worcester.