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Request for Proposals (RFP)

This RFP is the second released as part of Barr’s "Engage New England: Doing High School Differently" initiative, intended to spur innovation across the region toward the planning and implementation of targeted, public, whole-school educational models for meeting the needs of high school students who are off track toward graduation.

We anticipate supporting a cohort of up to eight grantees, seeking to seed or grow pioneering whole-school models across New England that can effectively boost graduation rates and college readiness for students who have not found the support they need through traditional education models.

This RFP is intended to support only wholly integrated, full-time models, not discrete programs or stand-alone interventions. We utilize the term program to signal our interest in supporting entities regardless of their governance structure; potential applicants that function like a school in all aspects yet are designated as programs are eligible to apply.

Barr invites applications from entities interested in:

  • Opening new schools or programs.
  • Improving existing schools or programs.
  • Growing schools or programs.

Successful applicants will be focused on a school or program that: leads to a public high school diploma, is an option of choice for the participating students, and that intentionally serves exclusively high school students off track to graduate.

The application process is now closed.

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Watch our recent webinar "Engage New England Virtual Information Session" to learn more:

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