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D-tree International

Arming frontline heath workers with effective diagnostic tools.

In many countries, if you get sick, you have only a one-in-five chance of getting the right diagnosis. In rural Africa, there are few doctors. Most healthcare is provided by community health workers, who have had, on average, only six weeks of training.

Emerging mobile applications are helping address this challenge by delivering information and data to frontline health workers. D-tree International is part of this shift, using mobile technology to produce correct patient diagnoses more than 80% of the time. D-tree develops clinical protocols for health workers to follow as well as the software needed to deliver those protocols to mobile phones.

Barr Foundation is proud to have supported D-tree International over four years of growth and impact. Our initial support helped the organization develop and introduce electronic protocols for mobile phones, with the goal of improving community health care quality in rural Malawi. In 2014, Barr awarded another two-year grant for D-tree to expand its work in Malawi and strengthen internal capacity.

People, no matter where they live, deserve access to high-quality health care. D-tree is one of the standout organizations with evidence to show that its work really does make a difference and result in improved health outcomes. To learn more, watch the short video below and visit d-tree.org.

D-tree International, Inc.

To expand and sustain D-tree’s Community Case Management work with community health workers in Malawi.

  • Award Date: 12/3/2014
  • Amount: $600,000
  • Term: 24 months
  • Program: Global

D-tree International’s mission is to develop and support electronic clinical protocols that enable health workers worldwide to deliver high quality healthcare. D-tree is changing the way health care is delivered to the poor by providing accurate and effective point-of-care diagnosis and treatment through mobile technology.