Barr Fellows 2015 gardening

What if our great leaders became a great network?

A new animation on the big ideas behind what The Boston Globe once called “a web of collaboration rippling through the nonprofit community with increasing effect.”

What would happen if our great leaders became a great network? Would it bring closer the vision of a vibrant, just, and sustainable world with hopeful futures for children? We thought it might.

Four times since 2005, 12 Boston heroes have been surprised by phone calls from the Barr Foundation. Chosen from among hundreds of leaders of area nonprofits, these 12 receive a unique offer—to become Barr Fellows. This means a three-month sabbatical, group travel to the global south, and the opportunity to join a remarkably diverse network of leaders.

Over time this network has played a part in a variety of still-unfolding stories of personal, organizational, and city transformation—stories we teamed up with Hairpin Communications to tell in this new, 84-second animation:

We hope it helps inspire other funders to take a closer look at the potential of investing in networks and social capital.

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