Young people protest anti-Asian violence in Boston.

In Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Racism

Denouncing rising anti-Asian hate crimes and the recent murders in Atlanta.

Eight people were murdered in Atlanta yesterday - six were of Asian descent. This is the latest and most violent tragedy in a year marred by a massive increase in anti-Asian violence. The group STOP AAPI Hate in February reported nearly 4,000 incidents since March 2020.

Following the gruesome display of white supremacy, racism, and bigotry in Charlottesville in 2017, I took to this blog to assert “We All Must Speak Out.” Public statements matter – so does silence. We at the Barr Foundation emphatically add our voice to those denouncing these heinous acts and anti-Asian violence.

What is just as vital as what we speak out against is that we speak to our friends, families, neighbors and colleagues in the Asian and Asian American community – that they can know we see them and stand with them as partners to address the conditions that lead to such violence.

All people deserve to live free of fear. Today, we speak out against this violence and to express our grief in solidarity with the families and loved ones of those whose lives were taken. And we speak for action, and for investing in leaders engaging our Asian and Asian American communities in determining solutions to assure they are respected, protected, safe, and supported.

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