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National Spotlight on Boston Children's Chorus

For the third year in a row, a Barr grantee stood among the recipients of our nation's highest honor for youth arts organizations.

During a ceremony at the White House this fall, the Boston Children’s Chorus accepted a National Arts and Humanities Program Award. This is our nation’s highest honor for youth arts organizations. It recognizes excellence in programs that open new pathways to learning, self-discovery, and achievement. Michelle Obama presented the award to Executive Director David C. Howse and chorus member Amber Rodriguez.

Michelle Obama presents award to BCC Executive Director David C. Howse and chorus member Amber Rodriguez.

Watch the Award ceremony and see the Boston Children’s Chorus accept its award at the 32-minute mark:

The First Lady Honors National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award Winners

And even more fun than that, get a glimpse of the Chorus rehearsing and performing in this 2 ½ minute compilation:

Boston Children's Chorus: Education is the Lighting of a Fire (August 28th, 2013)

One of the goals guiding Barr’s arts grantmaking is to nurture the next generation of artists and arts lovers. To this end, we have been supporting a cohort of organizations, including the Boston Children’s Chorus, to improve and expand opportunities for young people to pursue mastery in an art form.

Founded by Hubie Jones in 2003, the Boston Children’s Chorus provides a rigorous music curriculum and teaches students the importance of discipline, self-confidence, empathy, and teamwork. With nearly 500 students ages 7 to 18, the chorus is comprised of 12 choirs that meet in five locations throughout the city. Annually, the chorus performs 40 concerts locally, nationally, and internationally. We applaud the Chorus for its stellar work and we wish the organization continued success as it harnesses the power and joy of music to unite and inspire.

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Marcos Lucio Popovich

Guest Author Program Fellow, Education