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In Conversation: Ford Foundation President Darren Walker

Full recording of a recent discussion between Darren Walker and Jim Canales on the role of philanthropy in creating a just future and much more.

Earlier this week, Barr hosted its second “In Conversation” webinar – this time featuring Jim Canales in dialogue with Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation. 500 colleagues from across Massachusetts and beyond tuned in live. And we are pleased to make the full recording available below:

“In Conversation” is a webinar series featuring Barr Foundation leaders in discussion with leaders from our region, issue areas, and field. We began with a discussion (available here) between Mary Skelton Roberts, Barr’s former Climate Program Co-Director and Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

Darren recently wrote: “The work ahead is clear: After a season of suffering comes an opportunity to heal. After a season of destruction, a responsibility to build anew—not to restore the world as it was, but to reimagine it, fairer and better, as it should and must be.”

In their conversation, Jim and Darren explored these and other themes and their implications - both personal and professional - for philanthropy and for leaders more broadly navigating this moment of enormous challenge and potential.

“The job of philanthropy – certainly social justice philanthropy – is to support those individuals who are doing disruptive things, that are challenging normative thinking, and giving those people the space and resources to do their work.” –Darren Walker

(A spirited dog named Mary Lou also makes a Zoom cameo).

Darren’s book, From Generosity to Justice: A New Gospel of Wealth, is available for free download on the Ford Foundation website.

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