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While continuing in the role of Assistant Secretary at MassDOT, Katherine established and lead the $30-million MassDOT Shared Streets and Spaces Municipal Grant Program. The program supports and encourages the installation and construction of tactical and permanent streetscape changes to help to make the world better, safer, and more equitable for walking, biking, taking the bus, using off-roads trails, and eating and celebrating outdoors. As program lead, Katherine manages multiple staff and guides and contributes to every aspect of the program, including policy direction, project solicitation and evaluation; and communication with municipalities, other state agencies, non-profit partners, and state government leadership. Under Katherine's leadership, the program has become a national model, with frequent public presentations and press inquiries.

How Grantmakers and Governments Moved Quickly to Transform Public Spaces

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Lisa Jacobson

Senior Program Officer, Mobility

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Katherine Fichter

Guest Author · Assistant Secretary, MassDOT

The COVID pandemic pushed Massachusetts cities and towns to rethink their public spaces. It also pushed us as funders to rethink how we do our work.

July 01, 2021 | Category: Mobility