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James Corless is director of Transportation for America (T4America). T4America is an alliance of elected, business, and civic leaders from communities across the country, united to ensure that states and the federal government step up to invest in smart, homegrown, locally-driven transportation solutions.

Prior to Transportation for America, Mr. Corless served as a senior planner for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he managed the agency’s efforts to partner with the private sector and local governments to promote jobs, retail, and residential construction along public transportation corridors. He helped author several pieces of groundbreaking state legislation in California that have helped encourage coordination of transportation, growth, and economic development, and has served as a visiting lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley in the Department of City and Regional Planning.

Taking Creativity to the Streets in Nashville

James Corless

James Corless

Guest Author · Director, Transportation for America

James Corless, director of Transportation for America, offers lessons from Nashville’s push for a bigger, better transit network.

July 06, 2016 | Category: Climate