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Far From the Day-to-Day, Boston Leaders Reflect, Connect

Kimberly Haskins

Kimberly Haskins

Senior Program Officer, Sector Effectiveness

Members of the 2017 class of Barr Fellows share about their ten-day learning journey to Rwanda.

June 13, 2018 | Category: Sector Effectiveness

Introducing the 2017 Barr Fellows

Twelve recognized for their leadership and impact within the Greater Boston community.

June 28, 2017 | Category: Sector Effectiveness

Barr Renews Commitment to Signature Leadership Program

Roger Nozaki

Roger Nozaki

Vice President, Barr Foundation

Next class of Barr Fellows to be named in mid-2017; Kimberly Haskins takes new role overseeing the Fellowship and other Cross-Program Initiatives.

February 07, 2017 | Category: Sector Effectiveness

A New Cohort of Barr Fellows Commences with Learning Journey

Kerri Hurley

Kerri Hurley

Director of Grants Management

Barr’s director of grants management, Kerri Hurley, reflects on travels through Bolivia with the 2015 Barr Fellows.

August 04, 2015 | Category: Barr Fellowship

Announcing the 2015 Barr Fellows

Jim Canales

James E. Canales

President & Trustee

We are thrilled to announce a new class of Barr Fellows.

November 18, 2014 | Category: Barr Fellowship

A New Paradigm for Leadership Development

Stefan Lanfer

Stefan Lanfer

Director of Communications

What if, instead of barreling ahead, relentlessly focused on keeping their organizations afloat (until they burn out trying), effective nonprofit leaders started delegating more and more responsibility to staff—at once paving the way for a next generation of leaders and freeing themselves to think about their own leadership in more expansive ways?

May 24, 2013 | Category: Barr Fellowship

What if our great leaders became a great network?

Stefan Lanfer

Stefan Lanfer

Director of Communications

A new animation on the big ideas behind what The Boston Globe once called “a web of collaboration rippling through the nonprofit community with increasing effect.”

April 01, 2013 | Category: Barr Fellowship

Authentic Relationships and Unintended Consequence

Pat Brandes

Guest Author · Former Executive Director

What would it take for a group of nonprofit leaders to be honest, open, and trusting enough with a funder to really share their wisdom—even their critiques of strategy and of how philanthropy works? For Barr, the answer was a happy accident of another challenge we were trying to address.

September 25, 2012 | Category: Barr Fellowship

On Indigenous Leadership

What does it take to create a community that meets all the needs of its residents—a place rich in local resources that enhance health and safety, a place that provides people with a strong sense of connection to one another, and a place that celebrates life and hope through civic engagement, arts, and culture?

July 17, 2012 | Category: Barr Fellowship

The Currency of Social Change

Stefan Lanfer

Stefan Lanfer

Director of Communications

A new Stanford Social Innovation Review case study featuring the Barr Fellowship explores the surprising return on an investment in relationships among social change leaders—even without set expectations or requirements about what might emerge as a result.

May 17, 2012 | Category: Barr Fellowship