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Barr Awards $35.7 Million in Final Quarter of 2022

Grants will support a new arts and cultural center for the MetroWest region, continued research on the impacts of extreme heat in Greater Boston, and the planning and piloting of transformative learning experiences.

The Barr Foundation Board of Trustees met in-person this December and approved grants totaling $8.9 million, in addition to nearly $27 million in new grants approved since the September 2022 board meeting, for a total of $35.7 million this quarter. Learn more about some of our partners and their work below.

In Arts & Creativity, Barr awarded 13 grants totaling $11.9 million. A $1.75 million grant was made in collaboration with Barr’s Climate program to support the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) to bring its arts-based community organizing method to more BIPOC people and communities across Massachusetts. A $675,000 grant to the Cultural Alliance of Medfield, Inc. will support operations and capacity for the Bellforge Arts Center, a new arts and cultural anchor centered on equity and creating access to diverse cultural experiences for the MetroWest region. A $1 million grant to Greater Lowell Community Foundation will support the implementation and operations of Mosaic Lowell, a creative economy plan that will support arts and cultural activities to establish a citywide vision for access to the arts and community engagement.

In Climate, Barr awarded 32 grants totaling $6.97 million. A $600,000 grant to the Trustees of Boston University will support the Boston University School of Public Health and GreenRoots to continue their research on extreme heat impacts and interventions in Chelsea and East Boston. A $500,000 grant to the Trust for Public Land (TPL) will continue the work of building climate-smart parks in Greater Boston with community members. TPL partners with local communities and public agencies to create more climate-resilient cities where quality parks bolster health and well-being. A $375,000 grant to the City of Providence will support the Providence Sustainability Department’s implementation of its Climate Justice Plan. A $105,000 grant to Roots 2 Empower will support the launch and exploration of offshore wind and clean energy career pathways for formerly incarcerated people. A $25,000 grant to Culturehouse Incorporated will support the codification and infusion of racial equity policies and practices throughout the organization. A $260,000 grant to New England United for Justice (fiscal sponsor is Community Labor United) will catalyze its climate and mobility activities in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Hyde Park neighborhoods of Boston.

In Education, Barr awarded 18 grants totaling $8 million. A $900,000 grant to FaithActs for Education will provide general operating support for Connecticut’s leading faith-based, Black-led education advocacy organization working for more equitable outcomes for students and families. A $1.7 million grant to Springpoint (fiscal sponsor is National Center for Civic Innovation, Inc.) will support the planning and piloting of transformative learning experiences (TLE) to scale. TLEs are rigorous, project-based curriculum units that provide more meaningful and relevant student learning experiences. In addition to grantmaking, a $3 million contract with The Learning Agenda will provide continued management of grantee learning communities for Catalyze New Models partners. These learning communities work collaboratively to build communities of practice focused on rigorous, relevant, and purposeful learning experiences for all learners.

In Sector Effectiveness, Barr awarded four grants totaling $2.4 million. A $150,000 grant to Fund the People (fiscal sponsor is Community Partners) will provide core support for its work for an equitable, effective, and enduring nonprofit workforce with the ability to sustain meaningful social change and justice. A $250,000 grant to Equitable Evaluation Initiative (fiscal sponsor is The Seattle Foundation) and a $150,000 grant to the Center for Evaluation Innovation will support field-building efforts for more equitable evaluation practices across philanthropy.

Fourth Quarter of 2022


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Sector Effectiveness

In Sector Effectiveness, Barr awarded four grants totaling $2.4 million.
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In Education, Barr awarded 18 grants totaling $8 million.
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In Climate, Barr awarded 32 grants totaling $6.97 million.
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Arts & Creativity

In Arts & Creativity, Barr awarded 13 grants totaling $11.9 million.
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Special Initiatives

Through its Special Initiatives program, Barr awarded eight grants totaling $6.4 million.
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