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An Invitation: Help Inform Barr’s Racial Wealth Equity Strategy

Seeking Greater Boston leaders working to expand access to wealth for 1:1 conversations with Barr’s Racial Wealth Equity Initiative team

Since Barr launched its Racial Wealth Equity Initiative, one of our core commitments has been to continually learn from leaders in community – young people, experienced nonprofit leaders, community elders, policy makers, researchers, and other change makers. Our work to date was informed by conversations with dozens of leaders across Greater Boston. And we are going to continue actively listening and engaging as we work to evolve and refine our strategy. We know there are many we have not had an opportunity to learn from yet.

Will you join us for a conversation?

This summer, between July 17th to August 18th, we are holding a virtual listening tour. Regardless of which approaches to building wealth and advancing equity you prioritize, the size of your organization, or the communities you serve within Greater Boston, we welcome the opportunity to be in conversation and learn from you.

Do you have feedback and ideas to help expand our knowledge about who is working to advance racial wealth equity in Greater Boston, and what Barr’s most constructive role may be? Please sign up!

Will you join us for a conversation?

Sign up here

These conversations will center on the following questions:

  • What does “wealth” and “racial wealth equity” mean to you, your organization, your community?
  • What is an exciting, impactful strategy you believe will have systematic change around the issue of racial wealth equity?
  • What advice do you have for funders seeking to partner in this area?

When you sign up, we’ll ask three short questions about who you are and the perspective you bring. As a thank you for your time and expertise, we will provide a $100 honorarium for each conversation. We also commit to sharing themes and reflections from our listening tour later this year – both on this blog and directly with participants.

We hope to see you soon! And we also invite you to share this invitation with others you know who could add to the conversation.

For additional background on key themes from our initial research and conversations, and work to date, take a look at this brief overview.

Sign up here

Please note - though some of these may lead to follow-up conversations to explore funding from Barr, not all will. Their purpose is not to pitch funding ideas - but rather to deepen understanding of the range of strategies, leaders, and opportunities for advancing racial wealth equity in Greater Boston.

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Lisette Le

Director, Racial Wealth Equity Initiative