Two women talk at a round table.

Brit Vasconcellos, she/they

Office Management Specialist

Brit Vasconcellos joined the Barr Operations Team as the Office Management Specialist in January of 2023. They oversee the Barr office space, providing support to our staff and partnering with the Facilities Management Team to ensure a well-functioning office. Brit also supports the Operations Team in foundation-wide project management, and serves as the point person for providing guests, grantees, and partners with a great visitor experience. She also oversees internal processes which enable the Foundation to run smoothly, serves as the point person for all Barr vendors, and handles day-to-day office logistics.

Prior to joining Barr, Brit served as Senior Office Operations Coordinator at the RepTrak Company, where they spent 3 years managing the Boston headquarters, supporting the Human Resources team, and playing an active role in the founding of their DEI Taskforce. Brit has several years’ experience in administrative support and office management roles in both the non-profit and corporate sectors. She is also a former teacher of the early-childhood music program Music Together.

Brit lives in Brookline with her son Henry and dog Ziggy. In their free time, Brit loves to sing and is an avid supporter of the queer performing arts scene in the Boston area.