A BIPOC speaker leads an engaging discussion while writing on giant notepads.

Andrea Prado Tuma

Senior Officer, Learning & Evaluation

Andrea joined Barr in 2023 as a Senior Learning & Evaluation Officer. In this role, she serves as a core member of Barr’s Learning & Evaluation Team and as the primary liaison to Barr’s Education Program. She helps lead the Foundation’s efforts to develop meaningful and actionable knowledge to inform grantmaking, strengthen its impact, and bolster its focus on racial equity. Her work involves strategy development to ensure progress can be measured, building the organization’s capacity for learning, and helping the Foundation evaluate the impact of its work.

Before joining Barr, Andrea worked at the RAND Corporation where she specialized in research on the implementation and impact of K-12 education programs and policy. Her work has focused on a wide variety of education topics including equity-focused reforms, networked improvement communities, school leadership and change, curriculum implementation, and school-community partnerships. She began her career working at a nonprofit in Mexico City, where she helped develop a curriculum and program aimed at increasing the middle school enrollment of girls in rural communities. Andrea holds an MA and PhD in human development and social policy from Northwestern University and a BA in psychology from Vassar College.

After living in Mexico City, Poughkeepsie, Chicago, and Los Angeles, she is excited to be putting down roots in the Boston area with her spouse and daughter. Andrea enjoys getting to know the New England region, kayaking on the Charles River, and spending time with her family.