How arts organizations are transforming their policies, practices, and culture to advance equity.

Change from the Inside Out

Stories of organizational change from our partners

Barr Foundation’s Arts & Creativity Program is centering racial equity in three key ways: centering BIPOC artists, organizations, and communities; supporting partners to become anti-racist; and committing to equitable philanthropic practices. In supporting our partners to be anti-racist, we have provided targeted trainings, individual and group coaching, peer-learning, and supplemental funds to advance organizational learning.

We are seeing interesting and inspiring practices emerge that deserve a spotlight so we are working with several storytellers to create case studies of organizational change - capturing lessons learned, areas of tension, and new practices. We believe these stories of organizational transformation can help inform and inspire action in the Massachusetts arts and creativity sector.

Blogpost introducing the series by Senior Program Officer for Arts & Creativity, SueEllen Kroll

“One consistent theme in my conversations with arts leaders in recent years - they are hungry for an exchange of ideas.”

We invite you to explore these stories and case studies below.