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Barr Seeks Office Management Specialist

This new role will work across the Foundation to build operations capacity and support a well-functioning office space for Barr staff and partners.

The Office Management Specialist will report to the Operations Manager and be responsible for supporting a well-functioning office space and facilities management in support of the Foundation’s mission. Barr’s offices serve as both a workspace and as a meeting place for our partners—the Office Management Specialist will set a welcoming tone and work with staff, guests, and vendors to maintain and improve the office experience.

This role is envisioned for someone who is a natural executor and can get things done. You enjoy contributing to an organization's mission by supporting people in the spaces that they work. You understand that successful organizations are made up of individuals and teams working in highly collaborative and productive ways and you contribute to this.

This position is open. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

The full job description may be found here:

View the full job description here

To apply, visit the online form linked below. Candidates will be asked to submit a one-page cover letter and resume. Only applications submitted via this form will be considered.

Apply for this position

Questions may be directed in confidence to Pam Jensen, Human Resources, via email at pjensen[at]

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